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Why Use TV Advertising?

  • Consumers spend 50% more time with their TV sets than with radio, and ten times more than with newspaper or the Internet.
    82% of media planners and marketers agree that TV Advertising is the most influential form of media available.
  • TV Advertising may be costlier than print, but they give a higher Return On Investment (ROI) and brand recalls.
  • With Satellite TV, it has become extremely easy to measure and track the ROI from TV Advertising.
    Television Advertising is the best choice for brands looking for a long term advertising solution. The longer you run the campaign, the higher will be the brand recall for your product.
  • TV Advertising also builds brands, draws in the attention of different consumer segments (housewives watching afternoon soaps, kids watching kids’ programming or elderly consumers watching spiritual discourses), adds credibility and grows your business manifold.